Bella iDella was established in 1919.  Bella iDella, the online resale boutique, was named in honor of my paternal grandmother, IDella.  My grandmother had six boys so enjoying the luxuries of life was not always an option for her. 

During my grandmother's child rearing years, the next best thing to luxury were usually items that were referred to as "hand me downs" or currently known as secondhand goods.  I decided to take up the mantle in my grandmother's name by starting an online presence of luxurious and gently worn secondhand clothing and other beautiful items. 

When browsing Bella iDella's online store, you will also find new items with tags that are also stocked as resale items.  We handpick and source all of the inventory that you will find in the store to ensure that all of your purchases will bring great bounty to your life! 

Beautiful fashions, collectibles, unique finds, and all of those things that are beautiful and bountiful help to make Bella iDella.  Bella is beautiful.  iDella is bountiful. Bella iDella is the place to shop for all things beautiful and bountiful!