Cynthia Vincent sandals brown leather slingback size 9 M

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Cynthia Vincent


Rich Chocolate Brown

Textured leather



leather soles

3.5" slim heels

Flexible Wear- weddings, work, casual

This is a great pair!


Great heelse and soles

*never worn

  • Authentic Leather-Making Processes are Crucial 

As mentioned previously, quality leather craftsmanship is a long process. As sole leather is a natural product, many top-grade Italian factories keep an entire year’s supply of hides in underground vaults! This allows them to fully dry out, cure and mature. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit a high grade shoe factory, you'll notice a vast number of pallets in the vaults stacked with hides - all in a carefully controlled environment. The temperature, humidity and light is precisely monitored and controlled to ensure they are perfect for the clicking & cutting process. So, the next time you buy a pair of women's designer shoes, not only will you know that the leather has taken time to tan, but will have been stored for many months in one of these vaults until it is in peak condition.